Tails of Alenkas: Episode 23

Mia wasn’t sure what to do. She had heard about a ‘meeting’ denoting the various results of everything that everybody had seen or heard of, and had been checking out the area to make sure she was familiar with it.

She knew what it was about though. Everyone did, whether they knew it explicitly or not. The rumors circulated quickly in Alenkas, despite the fact that some people still hadn’t been found, at least according to Lucas and Aiden, two of many people that were recruited by Lyla to try and track down everyone.

They had managed twenty three, last she heard. Only seven left, she knew. Although she didn’t know why they had and hadn’t missed yet, but the meeting was one of the only things one everybody’s mind. It’d be another few days before then though, and according to Simon they were to get the testing report data back.

Most of the time, that meant nothing. To Mia, the reports were nothing more than a formality. Her own team, the main senses team -She actually had had Lyla as one of her bosses, actually- had long since made sure that there were few to no bugs in their own systems.

That didn’t mean there weren’t any, of course. Although sometimes she wasn’t sure if what she was feeling was a lack of something, or was in fact just numbness. Sometimes her nose, a tiny little pink rabbit nub that she was oddly proud of for some reason, would seem to stop responding, or something would happen, and then it’d be back to normal a second later.

Her eyes and other senses, like touch, worked perfectly. So either the team responsible for the olfactory sense didn’t work properly, there was a glitch in the system, or quite literally, it was just something wrong with her nose.

She had been on all of the sense teams except that one, and had been known as the ‘sense floater’. She was actually fairly reliable, or so many others had said. She had met more than half the team working on Alenkas during her tenure at NuVO, and it was definitely a massive team. Almost four hundred people, working day in and day out, trying to fix bugs and get everything perfect.

And then the primary test…and then this. She knew Lyla’s worries that it was caused by malicious intent, but having met most of the people working on Alenkas, didn’t see how that was possible. It took over ten years for NuVO to create Alenkas, the first virtual reality of its kind. It had, however, garnered massive amount of interest in the project, by sending out the VR kits to any reliable programming team.

Upon trying it, however, most people found that it was similar to the VR of old, just a screen and a controller. It had some motion sensors, but it wasn’t a complete integration like what Alenkas promised.

Ten years of work, by nearly three to four hundred people. That was, as Mia knew, a crap ton of money. There is no possible way that someone would use that much money and technology to simply try to ‘get rid of some people’.

The headsets were still out there, Mia knew, and once Alenkas opened, probably in another six to eight months, all of them would be able to connect instantaneously. Bugs happen all the time, she knew, and with something Alenkas’ size it’s no worry that some of them would be worse than others.

Hell, in the initial testing stages, she had lost complete sense of every sense she had. Sight was gone, touch was gone, hearing was gone, smell was gone…Only thing that made her not panic was that she had spotters there to make sure nothing went truly wrong.

She sat down on the grass, in the park where they had decided the meeting would be held. She relaxed as she closed her eyes, and tried simply to listen to all the unique sounds around her. After another moment, she pushed herself onto her back, and simply watched the lazy clouds above her.

She could feel the heat coming on again. She took a quick check of the time, and mentally compared it to the last time she had felt it. Five hours and six minutes. Once again, Lyla had it right. She smiled sadly, and rolled up her skirt; a jean skirt this time, with no underwear on, and started to massage her achy and needy pussy.

The rabbit’s breath hitched with every touch, and she merely sighed with relief as she let the pleasure and feelings flow over her. That she was doing this in the open didn’t bother her, it’s not like there was anybody around. And even if there was-

Her thoughts were thrown for a massive loop as someone threw a bucketload of cold water directly onto her, soaking through her clothes in an instant. She screamed with surprise and shock as she shot up, looking around wildly.

Water dripped from her bangs as she looked at the orange tabby cat, smiling broadly, with a grin that was more suited to a certain purple cat than an orange one. “Hi there. You looked like you needed a bit of help,” he said.

Mia glared at him half-heartedly. She could see the general bulge in his pants -slacks. She hadn’t seen anyone wear slacks in Alenkas…ever since Simon, really- but it didn’t seem as if he was going to act on it anytime soon. “If you’re asking me to say thank you, no. I’m Mia though.”

“Name’s Cal. Nice to meet you Mia,” he said quietly. “Sorry for uh…interrupting you. I didn’t know how much of that was Heat induced or…” he continued, looking away and quietly ashamed.

Mia shrugged. “I guess I can’t blame you. If I saw you masturbating in plain view, I’d probably say something too,” she stated after a moment. She personally thought it was rude to do that to someone without at least a little warning, but at the same time she could see where he came from.

She still felt a burning lust in her loins, but it wasn’t overtaking her mind like it usually did nowadays. Idly she wondered why Cal would’ve done it, considering it was obvious, at least to her, that she was a very willing person. “Wanna fuck?” she asked after a moment. Her cheeks flushed with blood as she blushed furiously, but she couldn’t find any other reason that Cal would’ve freed her from the Heat’s grasp.

“Oh uh…no. Sorry…” he said quietly, looking away in shame. His reaction suddenly grew on her, and she looked at him in surprise and confusion. “I mean, you’re pretty, but…” he said. “Um…I’m just going to walk over here,” he said, starting to get up. Mia quickly reached and grabbed his hand, forcing him to stay.

“Alright, what’s wrong? I can tell at least that much,” Mia said. Her pussy throbbed with wanted attention, but she ignored it easily now that the shock had passed. There was a person in front of her who needed help. She wasn’t going to be selfish now that she had some control back.

“It doesn’t concern you!” Cal snarled suddenly, yanking his hand back. Mia glared, before jumping up and holding the cat down. Her groin smashed against his, and flared up with pleasure. Mia ignored it, and she could tell that Cal did too.

“You’re right, it doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t help!” she growled. If it was strange to hear a rabbit growl, Cal didn’t seem too overly bothered. “Talk, tell me what’s wrong, or don’t, it doesn’t matter, but I only want to help!” she said, continuing to pin him down. His wrists were held by her hands, and his legs held down by hers. He probably wasn’t going to be getting up any time soon, unless she let him.

“Let me go! Shit, the Heat…” Cal said, his eyes starting to glaze over. Mia immediately let go, and watched from the ground as he quickly whispered a muttered ‘thanks’ as he ran to the side.

Mia watched him go, wondering what his life story was, and what had caused that kind of reaction. She had never seen that before, and quietly sat up. One of her hands started to play with her wanting pussy, but her mind wasn’t in it, instead focused solely on the strange orange tabby.

Her mind ran at a thousand miles an hour, trying to find a reason or probably cause that he’d act like that. Her breath hitched as her hand started to rub her clit, but everything was instinctual now. Her womanhood gave a ‘schlick’ sound with every touch, and she let the pleasure wash over her, even as she was still concerned about Cal’s behavior.

Her other hand went idly to her breasts, and started to massage them, taking time to play with the more sensitive areas on them. She closed her eyes as her senses washed over her, and the centers of her body started to warm up more.

She didn’t know how long she took, kneeling upright in the park, with one of her hands on her breasts, and the other between her legs rubbing her moist pussy. She tensed, and let out a loud moan as she climaxed, her hand becoming even wetter as her pussy clenched on nothing.

She sighed as she came down from her orgasm, and with that taken care of -now that she had grown more used to the Heat, it was easier for her to simply take care of her own needs whenever she needed to- she got up quietly and tried to follow where she had thought Cal had gone.

He hadn’t gone too far. He was sitting on the inside of an alley, staring at a wall as he continued to jack himself off. Mia quickly hid behind a trash can, although she wasn’t exactly sure why. Did she want to watch? She had never felt the need to before. She noticed that his cock had the tiny barbs that she had heard cats had, but she didn’t make herself known, simply watching him as he masturbated.

“Oh god…” she heard him say, his hand continuing its up and down motion. He was going faster now, to the point that it seemed like it would have hurt, but he only seemed to getting enjoyment out of it. “Simon!” he called out quietly as he came, long ropes of cum splashing out from his cock. It had been obvious that he had been at it for a while, and Mia watched as the jizz flew out onto the ground.

He breathed a deep sigh of relief, and quietly looked out at where he knew Mia had been. His eyes widened as he saw that she wasn’t there. “You could’ve just said, you know,” Mia said quietly from her hiding place. “That you weren’t interesting that way, I mean.”

He looked at her with a gleam in his eye that Mia didn’t recognize. “I didn’t…I wasn’t trying to…” he said quietly. Mia smiled sadly at him, and slowly nodded. She knew.

“Shh. It’s alright. Come on. Let’s get back inside, we can talk about things there,” she said quietly. He looked at her in surprise, before smiling himself.

“Talk about what, exactly?”

“I don’t know. Things. That’s what friends do, right?” she asked. His grin matched hers.