Tails of Alenkas: Episode 20

“Aww, fuck yes! I should’ve fucked another wolf ages ago!” Emma cried out. Her legs were spread wide, her hands on the lamppost in front of her, as her entire feeling was on the cock currently abusing her pussy.

“God damn, how are you still so tight? I know who you fuck!” Alex said from behind her. His hands were on her hips, and he was genuinely not going slowly, at her insistence. He was pounding every inch of his cock into her, using his entire body as leverage.

His cock was conforming to her pussy’s shape so perfectly, Emma knew. They had been talking -about something, Emma had forgotten- when they had both gotten hit by the heat. Instead of splashing each other with water, as Emma had taken to doing now that she had tried it herself, they both shrugged and went into mating, and fucking like crazy.

Emma’s tail wagged on her back as she jutted her hips back out, her breasts hanging down as she pounded her body back into the wolf’s cock. It filled her pussy marvelously, and she moaned with lewd abandon at every thrust. “Oh fuck!” she yelled. She squeezed her pussy down hard onto the pointed dick, and smirked as she felt Alex’s growl behind her.

She felt him grip her hips tightly, and moaned as he lifted her up to go even deeper. Emma moaned as she felt her pussy moisten even more, started to soak the cock that was stirring up her insides. If she started to get any wetter she’d start dripping! Not that she’d care at the moment.

“You want me to pound your hot, tight, and wet little pussy? You want me to turn you into a cat under me?” she heard Alex say behind her. She moaned and nodded with her lust-addled mind, and she yowled as he started to speed up, his cock even getting closer to that mystical point inside.

She started to feel a bulge near the base of his cock, starting to knock its way into her pussy. She had read about the knots, although she hadn’t encountered one yet. Immediately her body tensed up as she continued to pound herself against Alex’s body. Her back nestled into Alex’s chest muscles easily.

“Gods, can’t hold back…gonna knot you!” Alex said. Emma moaned, and leaned back to meet his mouth with her own as she felt him push even harder, getting those last few inches in. She felt his knot expand deliciously against her pussy walls, and her entire body tensed.

“Fuck!” she yelled into the sky, her body roaring with lust and ecstasy. Her pussy twitched on Alex’s cock, forcing the seed that he was shooting inside her even further. Her legs twitched, just barely touching the ground now, and Emma knew only pleasure from her orgasm.

Alex stayed inside her, unable to pull out because of his knot. She felt each spray of cum, being locked inside her by the fleshy ball, and rested into his body. “That was…incredible…” she muttered. Her tail wagged happily.

“You know we’re not going to be able to move for a while now, right?” Alex said with a small smirk. Emma nodded, knowing that it’d take a while for his knot to deflate. Granted, the fullness it was granting her already made her feel like she could cum again.

“I know. I just don’t care. Gods though, seriously, you have no idea how good that felt. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a good pounding like that,” Emma said, nuzzling into Alex’s chest.

“I find that hard to believe. I know for a fact you live with a horse,” Alex said pointedly. Emma rolled her eyes. Alex and Lyla’s apartments were just down the hall from hers and Kevin’s. Which meant, naturally, that the two canines would be able to hear Emma and Kevin quite often.

The walls weren’t as thick as they should’ve been.

“You know what I mean. Sometimes I just want to fuck without having to worry about my womb collapsing,” Emma said. Alex rolled his eyes. She glared at him from underneath, “Don’t give me that look, it’s a very real possibility.”

“If it was the real world, I’d say sure. But it’s not, so I don’t think it is. I don’t think it’s possible to get hurt here. There’s certainly no diseases or bacteria,” Alex said.

Emma rolled her eyes this time. “It’s very possible to get hurt. Hell, my pussy was bruised from the fucking that Kevin gave me a week ago. And I’m pretty sure my arms and legs have been bruised from my runs.”

“Why do you parkour, anyways?”

“Freedom, mostly. Same reason I go around nude here. The ability to go where you want to go, and any path to get there…I don’t know. It’s weird,” Emma said.

“It’s not weird, I’m just asking why. What do you use it for?”

“Mostly? Just for exercise. The adrenaline rush from jumping over an alleyway is not something that should be considered light. And it feels good. Kind of like this, actually,” Emma said, wiggling her hips. She was surprised as she felt another spurt from the cock still locked inside her.

“Careful, if you keep that up you’re going to keep it hard.”

“What if I want to be?” Emma said, smirking. She wiggled her hips some more, and got into a light thrusting rhythm. She couldn’t go too far without pulling Alex with her, thanks to the knot, but she could get some more anyways. She felt his cum swirling around inside her, and knew that he was still cumming. “How much cum do you actually make?” she asked after a moment.

“Never really tested it. I think Alenkas makes things weird too. In the real world, I could go maybe two or three rounds in a night, but then I’d be out for a good time. I’d guess maybe something like a few tablespoons, here at least,” he said. “Real world it’d be a bit less, especially so many times.”

“You’ve cum a lot more than just a few tablespoons inside me,” Emma said. She continued her hypnotic thrusting, and moaned as she felt his cock start to twitch inside of her. He groaned loudly above her.

“If you keep going, it’s probably going to hurt the both of us,” he said quietly. Emma smirked, and gently started pushing herself off of him. His knot hadn’t deflated yet, and was still going strong.

“Fuck…” Emma said as she slowly worked his cock out of her pussy. His knot was tearing her pussy lips apart, but slowly, very slowly, the knot worked its way out of her. She breathed with a heavy sigh of relief as Alex’s cock eventually popped out of her, large amounts of cum flowing from her pussy. “That might leave a mark. Now fuck me again with it!” she said.

“Say what? It barely got out of you, now you want it in you again?” Alex said. He knew it wouldn’t hurt as much this time, as the knot was now rapidly deflating now that it was back in open air. Although the knowledge that Emma wanted him to fuck his own cum inside her again turned him on like nothing, and his cock was rock hard quickly.

“Yeah, see! Your knot’s gone down, so it won’t hurt as much. And hell, I can tell you’re turned on again, you want to fuck me again. So get to it!” Emma said, spreading her legs wider. Alex rolled his eyes and cautiously put his cock against her pussy. “Just put it in, it’s not going to hurt!” she teased.

It slid in easier than even she expected, and she moaned lightly as she was filled again with the hard cock. She wasn’t in heat anymore. Now she was just fucking because she wanted to fuck. She could tell that Alex, too, wanted to fuck her again. She was already full of his spunk, hell, he’d just planted it in her. Now she wanted more.

Alex didn’t bother going slow, immediately going full throttle into the wolfess’ wet pussy. She moaned loudly, and was enjoying every second of the hard cock being shoved inside her. She felt his cum being stirred inside her, being shoved against her pussy walls and womb. She guided her hands back to the lamppost, and thrust her body against Alex’s.

The male wolf reached around, groping her breasts impatiently. Emma’s legs felt weak because of all the stimulation, and it was a final thought of all the cum still inside her that she came, her pussy squeezing hard on Alex’s cock. They had barely been fucking for more than five minutes before she came.

“Fuck…” Emma said, her arms and legs losing grip on the pole and ground. She felt Alex grip her hips, and while she moaned at the loss of contact on her breasts she wasn’t too sad. He held her up, her legs and feet not even able to touch the ground now as he fucked her pussy.

Some strength regained in her arms, and she held herself away from the pole as she tried to continue fucking the hard cock in her. She felt the knock on her pussy lips, and knew that Alex was getting fairly close too. “Cum inside, again! I want to feel your knot again!” she cried.

Alex growled, finally losing all signs of a rhythm and simply fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. She moaned loudly with every thrust, and finally she felt him slip all the way inside, his knot starting to inflate. “Cumming!” he said.

The knot, the hard fucking, the cum shooting inside her, and the cum already inside made a delicious pile of ecstasy for Emma, and she wasn’t too surprised as it once again pushed her over the edge. Her pussy squeezed on his cock, feeling him spurt even more, and finally the two rested again.

“You’re a nympho, you know that?” Alex said, as he dragged her down to lay on the concrete a bit. She growled lightly, while smiling at him. She didn’t exactly like that phrase, although it was very much so true. His cock was still inside her as they lay on the ground, basking in the sun and the two fucks they just had.

“We’re going to do this again. A lot,” Emma said quietly.

“Knowing you, I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

He grinned at her cheekily, and she narrowed her eyes at him. “Was that a challenge?” she asked, rolling him over so she was on top. Holding his arms down, she started doing squats on his cock, squeezing on him everytime she went down. She couldn’t get far because of the knot, but it was still enough to have Alex growl at her to stop. She smiled at him as he glared at her.

Oh yes, they’d be doing this a lot more. ‘Now if only someone else was here…’ Emma thought as she waited patiently for Alex’s knot to go down.