Tails of Alenkas: Episode 19

Jennifer knew that she was odd. She preferred her name to be shortened to just ‘Jen’, and she was one of the few on the Weather team to be tasked with testing Alenkas. The whole weather team had gently mocked her for that -all four members- saying that somehow she had hacked her way into the list. She had simply given them a light-hearted glare.

She didn’t know why it was that she had been selected. She was grateful for it, no doubt about that, but there was always a reason to the selection. She just didn’t know what it was.

Although seeing the weather change in real time instead of just simulations was fantastic! Feeling it on her white fur, nothing was better than that. To think, both of the systems that she had worked on were working flawlessly! Then her core had wanted attention, and thinking nothing of it quickly went to work giving it plenty.

Since then, she had spent over two weeks in Alenkas so far, and was loving it. Each day was brand new, with plenty of things to see and do. Even if it was something as basic as ‘walk around’ or ‘meet new people’. And she had met plenty of people in the last few weeks. From the chatty Emma -who seemed to know everyone- to the dour Dave, she had met quite a few.

She couldn’t really fault Dave for not liking her though. She knew his story, even though she knew he didn’t know she knew. The steller’s jay didn’t like anyone knowing him, and he had taken up refuge not in the free apartments gifted to them, but rather a tall tower off on the very north end of Alenkas. From the south side, near the river, she could barely see it.

In character creation, she had chosen a wolf. Not because she liked dogs more than cats; she was actually more of a cat person really; but simply because that one made her fur all white, like an arctic wolf. She always had admired those animals, rare as they were. Just something about the majesty of it all.

Then she realized that the majority of others chose either canines or felines as well. There were plenty of dogs, wolves, foxes, cats…mostly domestic cats, although there were a few others, like leopards. She actually felt like she blended in this time, instead of standing out as she usually did.

It was an odd feeling for her, certainly.

Of course, the various heats that randomly struck her were also things that gave her odd feelings. She had gotten used to the nudity around Alenkas -hell, she did it herself too- and it wasn’t uncommon that whenever she felt one coming on she’d sit her ass on the concrete sidewalk, it’s smooth stone feeling closer to a comfortable chair than anything, and simply take care of her needs right there.

She saw a lot of people having sex, too. It wasn’t uncommon that whenever she felt one coming on, the males would have their pants down slowly thrusting their tools into their companions pussies. Some of them looked extremely painful, like those horses that she had seen.

And of course because of how sex had become the main thing of Alenkas, rather than the testing, she had heard more about her friend’s sex lives than anything she had heard of. Emma had stories to tell of the dozens of people that she liked to fuck at a whim. Jen…preferred her hand. Mostly because most of the males that she had met were either ‘nice guys’ -thirsty assholes who wanted pussy and nothing else- or complete dicks.

She sighed loudly, as she looked up into the false sun. The warmth from it was definitely not fake though, and she let it go through her white fur. It was too bad the system generated its weather, because she’d like to know when it was going to rain again.

When it had rained that last time, last week, she was the happiest that she’d ever been. Every system test had worked, yes, but it was nothing compared to seeing it in real life. Seeing the individual raindrops as they fell from the sky, pittering across the concrete. She had lain out that night, on the rooftop of the apartments, simply enjoying the sound and feel of the falling warm rains.

It was odd that it was warm though. She’d thought that it would be cold, especially as most of the weather team agreed that Alenkas’ weather should be on the northern hemisphere. Not far north, if anything the closest thing would be Florida.

The feeling of her pussy calling out for attention shook her out of her reverie. Shaking her head, she sat down on the ground, taking care to avoid her tail. She splayed her legs lewdly, and immediately moaned as she started fingering herself. Her other hand grabbed her breasts tightly, massaging and rubbing them lewdly.

“Are you alright?” someone said from behind her. She opened her eyes and tilted it back enough to see the giant black bear behind her. She knew she was giving him an excellent view of her breasts and open pussy, but didn’t feel like closing herself. Instead she continued fingering herself as she talked.

“Yeah, I’m-ah!- fine,” she said. She hit that one spot inside her, the one that would make her cum quickly and definitely not quietly. The bear stayed over her, and to her delight wasn’t looking at her nude body, but rather directly into her eyes. He had interesting yellow eyes.

“Sure don’t look that way to me. Come on, let’s get you somewhere a bit more hidden, at least,” the bear said. Before the words could cross into her lust-addled mind, Jen found herself being hefted onto the bear’s back. Her fingers continued working their way into her still, and the bear simply sniffed but didn’t say anything.

“Hey, put me down!” Jen said. The bear growled but continued walking into a nearby alleyway. Once again a wooden box was there, nearly crate sized, and the bear casually put her down on top of it. “What’s the big idea!?” she yelled. She didn’t bother trying to justify to herself that she shouldn’t have sat back down with her legs spread.

“I really don’t think that ladies should display themselves on the streets. At least try and attempt to cover yourself. Just because you’re in Alenkas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some morals, yes?” the bear said.

Jen moaned lightly. “I have plenty of morals! I’m not going around fucking everything that -ah!- moves!” she yelled. The bear lifted his eyebrows at her, and shot a look down at her sopping wet pussy. Her fingers continued to masterfully manipulate it, and she knew it wouldn’t be that long before she came.

“You don’t see me asking you to fuck me now do you!?”

The bear seemed to throw this around in his head. “That is true. Very well, I shall give you privacy,” he said, turning around completely. Jen moaned loudly and lewdly as she watched the bear’s trousers fall, obviously started to masturbate himself.

She had to admit, he had a nice ass. The heat burned itself into her head, especially from the male right next to her, so close to pounding her pussy. “Fine, fuck me!” Jen yelled, her fingers continuing to thrust themselves into her wet pussy. She felt herself blush, knowing that she was letting a completely stranger fuck her.

“You seem to have an issue with that. Therefore, I shall not,” the bear said, not turning around. “I wish to give you your much needed privacy.”

“Dammit I don’t need privacy, I need your cock inside me!”

“You are being melodramatic. You’re close, I can tell. At the end, we shall see,” the bear continued his stance. Dammit, what did she need to do to get this bear to fuck her!? Here she was, offering herself up for some satisfaction, and the bear thought that he could get away with not having his way with her!?

Her body tensed, and she moaned loudly as she felt herself squeeze on her fingers. Pleasure overtook her body and mind as she came. Her fingers continued to play with herself as she did so, forcing her orgasm to last longer.

After a moment or two, her orgasm died down, and she breathed heavily. Her mind was clear of the heat-driven lust, and still she saw the bear in front of her, slowly masturbating with his back turned to her. The conversation came to her mind.

“I…thank you. I suppose I was a bitch, earlier. Come on, I’m good now. Please,” she said quietly. The bear’s ears turned, and he slowly turned around. His shirt was open now, the large black fur marred with a scarred ‘X’ through his chest.

“I will ask you several times, this is but the first. Are you certain?” he asked, stepping closer to her. She could tell that he was driven crazy by the heat-lust, and wanted nothing more than to take her where she sat. Honestly, she wouldn’t stop him, she’d enjoy every moment of it. But the force of will he must have to be able to say no…

“Yes, and that will be my answer every time,” she said. She moaned as she laid back and felt the tip of him at her entrance. It didn’t make sense for her to do this, she knew. But this bear was probably one of the first true nice guys she’d met. He had respected her wishes, respected her privacy. No other guy in Alenkas she knew would do that.

She moaned as he thrust forward slowly. The tip parted her pussy lip easily, still wet as she was from her orgasm earlier. It slid forward easily, until it knocked against something inside her that she knew she wasn’t about to let anything go past. He only had an inch or so remaining outside her.

He stilled, letting her pussy get used to the wide girth of his cock. And he was pretty damn big. Her pussy cried in happiness from having something fill her for the first time in over a week. “Let me know when you’re ready,” the bear said.

She didn’t answer him, instead pulling her body back a bit and thrust forward. She did it a couple of times before he got the message. Slowly he pulled out and thrust forward. Jen sighed as she felt him do it slowly. “Please…go faster. Do what you need to do to cum,” she said quietly.

The bear nodded slowly, his eyes digging holes into hers as if checking her for lies. “Very well…I won’t last long,” he said, whispering into her ears. She shivered as he started to thrust wildly. With every thrust Jen lost herself, her entire being focused on her pussy as she was getting well and truly fucked.

The bear was right, he wouldn’t last long. Jen could feel the tell-tale motions that meant a guy was close to cumming. She wrapped her legs around him, forcing him to thrust into her harder. “I bet you can’t tell where I want you to cum…deep inside me,” Jen said.

The bear roared and thrust into her harder. She moaned loudly as she felt his cock start to pulse, and her already soaking wet pussy got even wetter as she knew he was cumming inside her. She breathed heavily as the bear stood over her, his chest mashing lightly against her breasts.

“Thank you for that. It’s difficult to keep myself in check for that long. I’m George. You are?” the bear said. Jen smiled as she slowly worked her way off his cock, it’s distended tip popping out with a loud sound. She could feel his cum working its way out of her pussy.

“I’m Jen. Short for Jennifer, but never call me that. Nice to meet you George. I think you’re the first actual nice guy I’ve met,” she said quickly. She sat up and rested her back against a nearby building, feeling her skin and fur mold its bricks.

“You must not have met many guys here then. Come, I’ll take you to meet them, if you wish,” George said. He gave her one of his hands, which she took with a smile.

“Alright. Show me,” she said quietly.