Tails of Alenkas: Episode 18

Sam’s thighs burned.

She could barely focus on anything but the pain in her legs, as she ran towards the safety of her apartment. She had just been exploring one of the sections of Alenkas with Simon and Cal, as she was used to doing for the last couple of weeks. Simon and Cal had gone off somewhere, probably to that one library that they had mentioned, and then the heat started.

That was the best term for it, and she had to remember to thank Emma for it. She had met the wolfess a few days ago, and had quickly struck up an…interesting…friendship with her. Emma wasn’t shy, and she’d do anything that she felt like. It wasn’t uncommon for Sam, or anyone really, to see her as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop, or over the various streets and lampposts.

They had traded some information, mostly the various areas that Emma had seen. She said she’d keep an eye out for anything that could look like a computer in here, but so far she hadn’t seen anything. Sam had sighed and continued looking anyways.

Although that had been several days ago, and now the albino cat had to hurry towards her sanctuary from her heat. There had been rumors that a shock of cold water helps, but only if they didn’t put it on themselves, and there was no one else around to help her test that.

Which only drew her attention more to the emptiness in her loins, as her pussy started soaking. She had stopped looking where she was going, and merely going straight from memory alone. She absolutely hated the idea of the heat in general, and the fact that she couldn’t do anything about it infected her mind even more. Sex was supposed to be used for pleasure and procreation, not because some damn virus infected her mind!

She crashed into a hard body, and quickly fell onto her ass. She looked up through her tear-stained eyes -when had she started crying?- at the massive…horse? Yes, the massive horse in front of her. He had no shirt on, and Sam could tell that he was definitely infected by the heat, just as she was.

“Hey, you alright?” the horse asked her. He stood down, and despite his cock being obviously rock-hard he didn’t seem to make any movements towards wanting to shove her against a wall. He held out his hand cautiously.


“Oh, I know what’s going on. Emma mentioned this,” the horse said, unscrewing a cap and shoving some ice water on her face. The water flowed over her, killing her current heat but it was quickly winding itself back up. But…she could think now. She was in relative control.

She looked up, her red eyes having the tears washed away from the water. Her fur was soaking, and she couldn’t help but feel the irritation deep within her. ‘Maybe I’m more of a cat than I thought,’ she thought. “How…” she asked.

“Oh, Emma mentioned it as a possibility a day ago. Don’t know where she heard it though. I’m Kevin. Want to fuck to get rid of the lust shit?” the horse asked. He was completely forward with her, and Sam had to control her face to get rid of the shock on her face.

“I…I’m Sam. I want to but…” she stammered out. She could clearly see the outline of the horse’s cock on his pants, and her loins once again pulsed out that her body wanted that thing inside her.

“I understand. Thing’s massive. Still don’t know how Emma takes it, but she does. How about just a blowjob then? It sucks to walk around with a stiffy this size. I’ll return the favor,” Kevin said. Sam blinked.

That…she could maybe do. “Uh…alright,” she breathed out. Although the shock from the cold water had stifled the majority of her lust, it was still there and was slowly rising. The fact that she retained her ability to think and to say no, said a lot. ‘Huh, that method actually works. I’m definitely going to have to spread that around!’ she thought.

He pulled down his pants casually, as if expecting her to say that. Sam had to control her gasp at the massive horsecock as it popped out of his pants. She only took a quick measurement with her hands; easily three or four of her hands combined. It was pink, with a large flare on the end, dripping some precum from the tip. Sam knelt down, and stuck out her tongue to lick the tip.

Kevin moaned lightly as she went to work, sucking what she could and licking everywhere else. She couldn’t fit the cock very far in her mouth, not with the flare being what it was, but by Kevin’s moans she was apparently doing a fairly good job. She often sucked the tip, getting more of the sweet precum every time she did so, and then licked the bottom all the way to the tip.

Kevin held his hands to his side, all the while moaning lightly for Sam to hear it. She hoped she was doing well enough to help him, although she was surprised by how nice he was being to her. She had heard of Kevin from Emma, and how he had almost forced himself on another girl at one point.

She was grateful for the change, although confused. Her pussy once again demanded her attention, growing every hornier from giving a blowjob to the massive horse. She finally took one of her stroking hands away from the massive cock to attend to her own needs. She massaged her clit vigorously, moaning lightly over the huge cock in her mouth.

Minutes passed, and although Kevin was moaning he still wasn’t cumming. Her other hand had long since been used to start to stroke him off, and her mouth was starting to get sore from holding it open for so long. She moaned as she came on her own fingers, now deep within her own pussy, as it tightened around her.

“Not doing too bad. I’m getting close, I’ll take over,” Kevin said. Sam let go of his cock with a massive pop, and breathed heavily as she came down from her own high. Kevin stroked his dick in front of her, slowly moving faster and faster. “I don’t know if you want to take it in your mouth or what, but you’d better move if you don’t want to get covered,” Kevin said quietly. It was obvious now that he was holding himself back.

Sam had enough of that, and latched onto the tip of his cock with her mouth, licking it furiously. Everything combined made Kevin moan loudly, as his cock started kicking up a storm. Cum shot out from the tip into Sam’s open mouth, and she was surprised by both the consistency and amount. It tasted rather bitter, but with a hint of sweetness to it.

She had to pull off once it filled her mouth once, and she couldn’t keep up swallowing to the among that was getting shot out, and Kevin moaned as another spurt came out, giving a line of cum onto Sam’s face that stretched from her ears down past her nose. She breathed heavily and closed her eyes, simply feeling Kevin’s warm cum shoot onto her face.

Several long moments passed before Kevin stopped cumming, his cock starting to go soft even before he was done, getting cum stains all over Sam’s shirt and jeans. He sighed in relief. “Thanks. I needed that,” he said, pulling Sam up to standing.

He still towered over her, and it was kind of a surprise to the cat that she even came up to his chest. “Now for me to return-” he started.

“No, no it’s alright. I took care of it,” Sam said, blushing. She looked down and away from him, worrying that he would force it on her. She’d enjoy it, although now her pussy had calmed down as her heat had left. Apparently it needed either an orgasm, or some kind of genital stimulation.

Kevin stopped, and looked at her oddly. “Ah. Ok, no harm done. Where were you going?” Kevin asked lightly. He pulled up his pants, and stuffed his now flaccid cock down them. Even at the half-mast it was, it still made a small obvious tent.

“Oh, back to my room. That’s where…” Sam started.

“That’s where you masturbate. You out here by yourself, or who’re you with?” he asked. He reached down to take her hand, and slowly walked around with her. She wasn’t sure what he was trying, but if he was trying to make her feel better he was actually succeeding.

“I was with Simon and Cal, then the heat struck and…of course, I don’t really know where they are,” Sam said. “I should get back to them. Thank you for your time, Kevin,” Sam said quietly.

“Hey, I’ll go with you. I’m not doing anything,” Kevin said. “You know, you’re the first girl to not immediately want to fuck me once you saw my dick,” he brought up absentmindedly.

“The others probably aren’t-” she started, before blushing and looking away. Kevin looked at her oddly, and motioned for her to complete her sentence. She took a sigh and blushed furiously, somehow even her ears turning red. Or at least, that’s how she thought of it. “-virgins,” she said quietly.

“Ah. Yeah, that might do it. Come on, what do your friends look like?” Kevin said, dropping the subject. Sam smiled, wondering if the rumors that she had heard about Kevin’s behavior was really as bad as she had thought they were. He did seem like a nice guy, just…misjudging.

“Simon’s a squirrel, and Cal’s an orange tabby,” Sam said. Kevin nodded, and motioned for her to lead the way. She smiled brightly, and quickly tried to lead the giant horse to the section of Alenkas they were exploring. Along the way, she explained to him what they were doing, searching for the internal debugging module. Kevin simply nodded at her story, and for once Sam thought that the future might not be so bad if everyone was so understanding.

And thus Kevin shows he’s not a complete asshole.