Tails of Alenkas: Episode 17

Simon sighed. He was tired of all this nonsense, now. He and Cal, an orange tabby actually named Calvin, had been searching all over Alenkas. At first, they had gone systematically, trying to find the internal debugging module, or IDM for short, but as each area they had checked had quickly failed, they switched to a more random, almost chaotic searching method.

The squirrel sat down on a bench. The pair had found their way onto one of the three parks in Alenkas, and while the area was nice it failed to perk up Simon’s mood. Cal sat below him, letting Simon’s legs hug around his shoulders. “Don’t be so down, Simon. These things take time. You can’t expect to solve it in less than a day,” Cal said quietly.

“I know. It’s just…no one should be forced to do this. It feels like it’s…” Simon struggled to find the right word. He knew it, but he didn’t want to say it, and Cal simply nodded.

After the rain the previous day, in which both Cal and Simon had not gone back to their apartment but had actually found the library, a surprisingly large building made from marble that contained thousands of books. Simon had quickly checked the maps to see ifi there was any sign of the debugging module, but there hadn’t been, at least not that he had found. Though he had found a Lord of the Rings trilogy book. He marked it down as something to check out once he found the module.

Cal hadn’t found much of anything he’d been interested in either,although he did find a few cookbooks, surprisingly. Simon had given him an odd glance, before Cal returned it with a simple glare, saying, “What, just because I’m a guy I can’t cook?” Simon hadn’t said anything, but simply smiled at his friend.

Simon hadn’t had a lot of friends in the Outside World, as he had started calling it. After all, they were in a virtual reality world, but that didn’t mean that anything they did or didn’t do didn’t make it any less real. It was the whole ‘illusion’ problem, all over again. If someone lives their entire life in an illusion, does that make the life they lived fake and not real? No, it doesn’t. It just means they had different experiences, and that’s no different than anyone else on the street.

But because Simon hadn’t had many friends, he had no idea how to act around Cal. The cat quickly noticed this, and simply said “Just be yourself. That’s generally what works. Took me a while to figure that out.” Simon had asked if that was Calvin saying this, or if that was Cal, the orange tabby. Cal had smiled, and replied, “Both.”

Calvin looked at him from between his legs, shaking him out of his reverie, “You should head back, make sure that Sam doesn’t worry,” he said. The mention of the other albino cat made Simon smile. Despite not knowing each other very long, Sam had quickly wormed her way into his ‘like’ list, as had Cal once he stopped trying to be someone he wasn’t.

“She knows the general path I’m taking, she knows I was expecting to stay the night out in the field,” Simon replied. Cal rolled his eyes. Simon shot him a quick glare, and Cal merely returned it by grinning widely.

The park was a small one, with only a few dozen trees and what looked like a playground for kids. No one was using it, and there was no one that Simon knew that had even come out this far before. There were only thirty of them in Alenkas, thirty actual sentients, and not many of them had bothered to try to explore their new surroundings out this far. They had mostly stayed inwards, at least the ones he had met.

Although granted, he wasn’t really too outgoing. He mostly had his small group, and had met a few others but not too many. He and Sam really needed to get out more, and drag Calvin along with them. Maybe then they could try and find other people.

“You know, why don’t we try to recruit other people? There’s thirty of us in Alenkas. With all of us looking, it shouldn’t take all that long,” Cal said casually. Simon thought about it, tossing the idea in his head. It had its merits, although how many would assume that the ‘head programmer’ ought to be the one to find it, and just stop looking? On the other hand, the whole lust protocol thing was embarrassing enough.

“Give us a week, Cal. If Sam, you, and I don’t find it in the next week, or by the time the reports have come back to us, then we’ll talk. Alenkas is big, but it’s not big enough to hide the IDM for long,” Simon said. He looked out across the river, at a small stack of empty warehouses. There was a lot of extra room in Alenkas…but with enough time, he’d find the IDM.

“Why when the reports have come back?” Cal asked. It was obvious the cat had gotten horny sitting between his legs, and had started groping around for his cock. The squirrel had felt it too; the sudden heat that rose above and flushed around in his body. He let Cal take off his pants, and suddenly enjoyed the cat’s warm maw on his groin.

Simon sat back, and simply enjoyed his friend’s mouth on him. He could feel the heat that surrounded his body, that invaded it, heat that wasn’t his to have. He knew that Cal was going through the same thing, an unnatural heat that pervaded through their entire bodies.

He remembered the first one, with Sam. Back in the dressing room; he remembered the complete invasion of spirit that had occurred, and Sam had agreed with him then, to try and do something about it. Although they had failed so far, the ideas lived on.

Calvin did something with his tongue, which Simon could never describe well. Wrapped it around the base of the head and then slowly dragged it over, or something. Simon was never too sure what it was, but damn if it didn’t set him off. He moaned loudly into the open air.

Simon wasn’t an exhibitionist. He was rather closed-off when it came to sex from the outside world, as in he felt it should be done in a closed room between two wanting partners. But damn if the open air didn’t make it seem like something about this was forbidden, which in the end only set off the lust even faster.

The squirrel gripped the sides of the bench tightly, and he felt Cal snicker on his cock. Simon had to give the cat at least that; he was damned good at giving a blowjob. He didn’t even have to blink an eye at their being outdoors, he had merely turned around to focus on him.

Cal took his mouth off of Simon’s cock, and looked his friend in the eye. “Shit, gonna cum soon…can I cum on you?” he said, taking a moment to stand. Simon saw that his friend had been jerking himself off the entire time he had been giving a blowjob, his hands working furiously over his hard shaft.

Simon didn’t even have to think. “You’re going to clean it up,” he said quietly. The heat by now had infected him all over, and while half of his head was ashamed for even thinking such a thing, the other half, the lust-infected half wanted nothing more to be cummed on.

Cal grinned at him, before moaning as the cat started to cum, small ropes of jizz shooting out from his cock. The squirrel simply sat and watched as his friend came, only stroking his own cock lightly. Cal aimed well, and soon Simon had lines of white all over his midsection, easy to cover up by his pants.

There was also quite a bit on his cock itself, and Simon, in his lust-addled state, took a quick string with his fingers. He measured it around a bit, before staring at Cal’s eyes as he quickly shoved it into his mouth. He made a large show of tasting it with his tongue, before swallowing it. ‘Not bad actually, tastes a bit like cinnamon. Fairly certain that’s not normal,’ Simon thought, at least the non-lust-addled half.

Cal breathed deeply. “One of these days I’m going to fuck you,” he said. He reached down and gripped Simon’s cum-covered cock, and started into his eyes as he moved his hand up and down. He wasn’t going fast, but with the cum all over it, he started going faster and faster.

Simon moaned as Cal jacked him off. He was still on edge from the blowjob from earlier, and then being cummed on. He wasn’t going to last too long, but he had a feeling Cal knew that. “Cumming soon,” Simon said quietly. Cal nodded, and continued to move his hand faster.

It took only a minute more before Simon’s cock thrust out. Cal snickered lightly and aimed Simon’s cock backwards a bit as cum shot out, coating Simon’s midsection even more. The colors of the cum mixed as the lines intersected, and it was only moments before Simon was done.

He breathed a heavy sigh as the lust and heat vanished from his mind. Cal didn’t bother getting his pants on, and Simon didn’t even try. They both sat on the bench now, looking at the calming waters of the river, the emptiness of everything around them, and they merely sighed.

“To answer your question, Cal, because it’s going to take a while before those reports get back to us. One day in here is only two hours out there. There’s a reason that they choose weeks between reports for us. A week in here is only fourteen hours. We should expect it’d take at least another week for them to get back to us,” Simon said.

Cal nodded. “Should we continue, then?” he asked.

Simon looked down, “Yeah, probably should. Also I need a shower,” he said. Cal grinned, and grabbed Simon’s hand. Pants were quickly put on, and Cal led him somewhere towards the beach.

‘Every day is new…but there’s still so many questions. Damn it, NuVO…hurry up!’ Simon thought as he let his friend lead him somewhere.