Tails of Alenkas: Episode 15

“Hey, thanks again Mia for having me over last night,” Alex said politely. The male grey wolf had been outside when the rain had started, and the rabbit had seen him as he was getting inside the apartment complex. She invited him in without a care in the world, and turned on the heater that her apartment for some reason had.

Alex’s didn’t, and he knew Lyla’s didn’t either. Maybe it was something that Mia, a white rabbit, had installed within the last week but he wasn’t sure that even Alenkas moved that fast. When he had asked, she had merely shrugged. ‘I’m just lucky, I guess,’ she had responded.

“No problem, you’re more than welcome over at any time,” Mia responded, a light blue dress on this time. Alex had to admit that the shade looked good on her, in a way that was far more ‘neighborly’ than he had wanted to admit. She was barefoot, as she was prone to being, and rested her back against the door. It was obvious to Alex that she wanted him to ask her something, but for the life of him he didn’t know what.

“Um…are you sure George won’t mind last night? I know he and you are…pretty close,” Alex stammered slightly. Pretty close was an understatement, he almost never saw Mia without the large black bear by her side. Whether that was because they were actually together, or if they just hung around a lot Alex wasn’t sure.

Although he definitely didn’t mind the events of last night. After he had come in, and laid his clothes out to dry next to the vents, Mia had also laid down her dress, and stared up at him. She had given an amazing blowjob, and then pushed him onto the couch, where she promptly fucked him silly until he had knotted her.

It wasn’t Alex’s first experience being manhandled by a woman in Alenkas. But it was probably one of the hottest, if only because her inner walls had gripped his cock so tight, it was almost impossible for him to resist blowing his load deep inside her. He hadn’t, of course, resisted in the slightest.

One of the best things about living in a VR world? STD’s weren’t a thing. In fact, diseases as a whole weren’t a thing, germs didn’t exist except in their minds. Pregnancy also wasn’t something that they needed to worry about, which suited Alex just fine.

Especially because otherwise Lyla would definitely be pregnant with his child by now, considering how often they had fucked the first few days.

But one thing that was still a thing? Jealous boyfriend’s. And there was one thing that Alex was above all else, and that was worried about stepping on someone else’s toes. It didn’t hurt that George could probably throw him through a wall. He knew for a fact the system could handle it easily, hell, he had been one of the ones to test the dynamic breaking system.

It involved a sledgehammer and various walls, and dozens of explosions. One of his favorite days of work, ever.

“No, George won’t mind. I saw him with another fox just the other day. Not Lyla though. If he can do it, I can do it,” Mia said. Alex groaned at the hypocrisy of that statement.

“That’s not…” Alex sighed, wondering how best to phrase this. He wasn’t the best at relationships. He was young, not even twenty five, and he had only had maybe four girlfriends in his life? None of which lasted more than two months? He wasn’t a good person to talk to this about, but even he knew. “Look, Mia, I don’t know if George and you are…serious, or not.”

“We’re not. We were friends to begin with, and we made sure once we understood the nature of the lust virus we were ok with things like that.”

“So you did talk about it.”

“Of course. How much of a bitch do you think I am!?” Mia asked, acting affronted. Alex knew she wasn’t, she had that smile on her face saying that she was kidding. He tried to stop himself from the sarcastic remark that threatened to come up from his vocal cords, he honestly did. He just didn’t try very hard.

“I don’t think you’re a bitch at all. You’re not a canine, for one thing,” he said, grinning.

Mia sighed. “Sure you don’t want to come back in again? Besides, you never did get around to telling me what Lyla’s plan was. About the whole…lust virus thing,” she said. Alex blinked, before recalling the previous night. He never did, did he? He just came in, stripped, fucked, and slept.

And ate breakfast using her food that he cooked, making sure to make enough for her too. He wasn’t that big of an asshole.

“I never did, did I? Yeah hold on a sec,” Alex said. Mia grinned and held the door open for him as she turned back inside. Her dress was off in less than a second, and Alex carefully closed the door as he stared at her.

She was lithe, white all over. Smallish, but perky breasts, and an ass to die for, complete with tiny little tail above it. Her ears were long, and reached a little past her shoulders. He wondered if that was a design choice that she chose on purpose.

She sat on the couch, her legs splayed wide, showing off her wet and needy pussy. “So what’s Lyla’s plan?” she asked, one of her hands playing with her nipple to get it hard. Alex blinked as the blood rushed to his groin.

“Well, uh…” Alex stammered. He sometimes was still surprised by how often the females around him made random gestures like this one. He had no idea if she actually wanted to fuck or was just teasing him.

Mia laughed. “Oh you’re too fun to tease. Come on and join me like this. You don’t get to be the only one with eye candy,” she said teasingly. Alex sighed. That answered that question, then, as he tossed off his shirt and pants. He sat on the other hand of the blandly colored couch. Her eyes never seemed to lift from his crotch, or rather from his very hard cock.

“I don’t think Lyla actually has a plan yet. She’s testing a lot of stuff, that’s why she wandered around naked yesterday. To see if that affects the lust virus at all,” Alex said. He breathed in a bit as Mia turned onto all fours, and slowly crawled over the couch to him.

He felt her breath on his cock, and had to fight to regain some semblance of sane thought. His cock was rock hard, bigger than he thought it could have ever been. “So, I don’t really know yet, I was going to ask once I got back to her apartment-” Alex said.

Mia cut him off, continuing to stare at his prick, “Shh. Did you know it bounces when you talk? I studied for medical school a bit, I didn’t get in but I do remember somethings. I don’t remember that being part of it though.” She suddenly reached out and grabbed Alex’s balls, and he had to stifle a gasp.

“And these…are so much bigger than I would have thought. Hmm, they’re full too…” she said, rubbing her face against his sack. She stuck out her tongue and licked one lightly. She snickered as she felt it move towards her automatically.

She continued to make her way up his body, until her head was next to his. Alex hadn’t realized that they were similar sizes, even if she was just slightly smaller than he was. She kissed the tip of his nose, and ground her groin against his, smothering his pre-cum around their fur.

“Shall we…?” Mia asked, grinding herself against his hard cock. Alex moaned lightly as he felt her soft fur around him. He reached up and started rubbing the rabbit’s nipples, letting her moan loudly. He knew she was playing it up for him, but it was working.

“Lust virus must’ve hit…” Alex said. Mia grinned and nodded, as she positioned herself on top of the wolf’s dick. She rubbed it around, getting it nice and lubed up with her wetness, as she slowly used the cock to open up her pussy lips.

They both moaned loudly as she dropped down slightly, the head of Alex’s cock now snuggled in her warmth. They smiled at each other, as Mia then rose a bit, and dropped further. With every rise and drop, she went further and further, until finally the entire cock was buried deep inside her pussy.

Alex continued his ministrations on her breasts, letting Mia control the tempo of their joining. The rabbit fucked like a rabbit in heat, continually bouncing up and down at a rapid pace now that she had the entire thing inside her. Every time she went down she let out a mix between a moan and a low growl.

“Shit, you’re hitting that spot…” Mia said as she continued to ride him. Alex wasn’t too sure what spot she meant, but he reached down with one hand to try and find her clit. Finding the little nub was easy enough, and it wasn’t long before Mia was almost out of breath.

Alex was definitely enjoying the bunny’s tight depths. He was still in his right mind, so it couldn’t have been a full lust bomb. That said, Mia was definitely acting like she got the entire thing. He instead rested back, and just enjoyed the feeling of the rabbit riding him as he rubbed her clit.

It was over all too soon as Mia tightened up on him and screamed into the air. Her release coated his cock, and Alex was shocked to find that not only did she not stop but instead she went deeper down, now taking his knot in full. She did however remove his hand from her clit.

She barely paused for breath as she continued riding him. “You haven’t cum yet, have you? Then I’ll keep going until you do,” she moaned breathily, continuing her bouncing on his cock. She was tired, Alex could tell, and while he did want to cum badly he was still in his right mind. It’d be ok if he didn’t cum this time.

Of course, he thought that, and then she tightened again on him, moaning loudly. This time she did stop, resting her hands on his chest. He had to stop himself from grinning as she subtly felt him up. “I don’t think I can continue…you want to take over…?” she asked, smiling with that ‘well-fucked’ look.

“Sure,” Alex said, gripping her hips as he flipped them over. Mia moaned as he moved inside her, and laid with a sultry smile as he slowly maneuvered himself to get into a better position. “Are you ready?” he asked, dragging his cock out. The knot eventually left with a soft ‘squelch’.

Mia nodded, and opened her legs wider. Alex dove in, his cock diving into her welcoming pussy, knot and all. He pulled back, and dove back in, and Mia let out a soft moan at every movement.

Alex knew he probably wouldn’t last long like this. His knot was fully engorged now, and it was only a matter of time until he got truly stuck inside her. With a few more pushes, and within a minute he was locked inside the rabbit. She gave a sultry smile as she tightened around him, and slowly massaged his cock with her pussy.

It took a minute or two, but eventually Alex moaned as he shoved himself further inside her. “Cumming!” he said as he leaned over her. Her feet found his ass and drove him in even deeper, and her hands grabbed his back to keep him there.

Alex was breathing heavily, and he noticed with a sly grin that Mia was too. “We’ll have to do that again sometime,” she said with a smile. “I never knew that a knot would feel this good, even as a rabbit…”

“It is rather surprising, isn’t it? I know Lyla was.”

“Oh definitely. She put a lot of her life into those senses. I did, too. We put years of our lives into Alenkas,” Mia said quietly.

“And this is what we use it for. Sex.”

“There’s something fishy about the entire thing, you have to admit. The constant lust, the fact that I know most guys can’t cum the way you do, so many times in under a day.”

“I’m a little over a teenager.”

“I know most guys can’t cum the way you do,” Mia repeated with a sly grin. Alex rolled his eyes as he simply rolled over, and maneuvered his way to lay his chest on her back.