Tails of Alenkas: Episode 12

Emma didn’t know where she was heading. She was walking for the sake of walking, and she felt the urge to start parkouring everywhere again. She would have been, except for a little pain in her pussy that told her to just walk for a while.

‘It is generally what happens when you start taking a cock the size of a lance on a regular basis,’ Emma thought, thinking back to Kevin’s dick. He was a horse, nearly one a half times her own size, with a dick to match it, and an attitude that sucked. He was also her housemate, if only because she agreed on a whim after just being fucked silly.

She still didn’t regret it.

Since then she had had far more sex than she had ever had in the real world, mostly with Kevin but sometimes with other people, if the virus struck when she was with them. Lyla, the programming lead for the Touch Senses team, as well as the lead UI programmer, had told them both her theories on what was causing everyone’s body to suddenly go into sex mode.

That’s what Emma called it at least. Sex mode. A mode where everyone had sex. It made sense to her at least. Emma certainly didn’t mind it in the slightest, as every orgasm here was mind-blowing and the best she’d had in her life, almost every time. Unlike the real world, where some were softer, and some were bigger. Definitely a programmer’s world, although if she could she’d probably change it to where it could shift around.

Why? Just for fun. Because she could.

She had gone out barefoot and topless, letting her breasts perk in the warm sunlight. She only had a small skirt on for any decency, although it was looking like more and more of the Alenkas test subjects were skirting that issue, either by wearing less or by wearing nothing at all. She’d seen at least five people so far wearing nothing, and five out of thirty is a considerable amount.

She wondered if she had gone into sex mode again, as her thoughts suddenly went towards her empty but still extremely sore pussy. It was a strange divide, having one half aware of the change, and the other half not aware but merely instinctual.


That’s it! Emma’s eyes widened as she realized it. They were all animals, so all the lust virus did is turn on their HEAT! “Of bloody fucking course that’s all it is!” Emma cried out. It didn’t need to turn up their individuals lust at all, it just had to put them in heat. For the males too, it probably turned on for them too.

“You shouldn’t use that language, you know,” a small voice came from beside her. The wolfess turned to see a white rabbit, slightly smaller than she was, covered up with a large green dress that went down to her ankles. It had plenty of dirt and stains on it, showing what happened to it most of the time. Her bare feet were easily visible, and she had long ears with a cute fluffy tail that Emma could just barely see.

‘Huh. Never met her before,’ Emma thought. Her tail wagged from side to side happily. “I know, but you know how sometimes you just feel stupid because you just now got something? That’s what happened,” Emma explained. “I’m Emma. You are?”

The rabbit girl squeaked -‘holy fuck that was adorable’- “I’m Mia. Be that as it may, if you just casually use that language then you’ll be more likely to use it later on!” Mia explained. Emma nodded, agreeing for the sake of agreeing more than anything. She didn’t want an argument on the street.

“Did you run out of things up top?” Mia asked, pointing to Emma’s bare breasts. The wolfess shook her head, her boobs also shaking lightly.

“No, just felt I’d try something new. That’s what Alenkas is about, yeah?” Emma said. Mia nodded, before thinking about it for a moment. Emma waited, not having anything else to do. Eventually the rabbit must’ve made up her mind, as she raised her dress and stripped out of it, throwing it into one of the nearby alleyways. Emma’s eyes widened. ‘Of course she wasn’t wearing anything under it…’ she thought.

She had small breasts, much smaller than Emma’s, but still a decent handful for another rabbit. Her pussy was wet, and Emma could smell the pheromones now that she knew what she was looking for. She sniffed the air for her own, in case they had another heat or something, but didn’t smell any of her own. ‘Must be a rabbit thing,’ she thought.

“You are right, Alenkas is all about new starts. I’ve seen many others not wearing anything…thought I’d give it a try,” Mia said, tilting her head cutely. Emma wanted to ‘d’aww’ but managed to restrain herself. Instead the wolfess held out her hand, and Mia gripped it with hers.

“No idea where we’re going, but I guess we’ll find out when we get there!” Emma cheered. She winced as another shot of pain went through her body, starting in her pussy, but she tried to ignore it best she could. Mia cheered alongside her, and the two girls, one rabbit and one wolf, wandered off.

“Why don’t you take your skirt off too? We’ll be naked together,” Mia said. Emma knew her reason not to, ‘My pussy right now looks like someone hit me with a damn baseball bat’, wouldn’t exactly fly right now. She had to come up with something, although really, was there any harm in it? She was already mostly nude anyways, and Mia was completely naked.

“Alright. Although I uh…it’s not pretty down there,” Emma said, as she unbuttoned her skirt and sent it flying down her legs. She grabbed her skirt and rolled it up, deciding to just carry it everywhere. She wasn’t like Mia, who could just toss her dress to the side, even as dirty as it had been.

“Oh that’s not too bad,” Mia said, looking down directly at Emma’s puffed up and somewhat bruised pussy lips. She looked up to see Emma’s wide eyes, and chuckled. “Sorry, one of the things I wanted to do in life before I became a programmer was nursing. What did you do, take a horse all the way to their base?” Mia guessed randomly.

“Actually, that’s exactly what I did. Multiple times. Each day,” Emma said, realizing that with every word she was burying herself deeper. Mia looked at her with wide eyes, before looking at her friend’s bruised vulva. She tentatively raised a hand and started stroking it.

“Shit,” Emma breathed out as Mia tagged the clit. It wasn’t hot, and it seemed almost clinical, ‘What was she, a gynecologist?’ Emma thought. And yet Emma enjoyed every second of the attention. She winced as Mia spread her lips and stuck a small finger in. Honestly, she barely felt it but damn she was still really sore.

“Come on, let’s go to an alleyway and off the street. That way we won’t be bothered,” Mia said, pushing her new friend towards an alleyway. It was different from the one that Emma had entered a week ago, with a chip-on-his-shoulder Kevin to get womb-fucked for the first time. This one had a similar layout, a long stretch of dirt and rock. It did also have a wooden box.

“How many wooden boxes are there…?” Emma wondered as she slowly climbed on. She would’ve jumped up, but she didn’t want to tear herself more. Although she did wonder if it was even possible for her to tear.

“Probably quite a few. My friend George and I, he’s a black bear, discovered one the other day that had tons of cum stains on it. Come on, spread yourself,” Mia said, a bright blush on her white fur. Emma grinned, wanting to tease the rabbit but decided against it, and obligingly moved her legs out of the way.

‘God damn, I’m still sore…’ she thought as she felt the pain start up. It wasn’t much, and it went away quickly, but it was still something telling her to be more careful when she took Kevin’s cock. Mia went down on her knees, her eyes having the perfect height to look deep inside Emma’s bruised twat.

“Alright, hold yourself open. I don’t have a tool or I’d do it,” Mia said. Emma breathed, and reached down with one of her hands to spread herself wider. Her pussy lips vetoed anything more than a small stretching, and Emma breathed deeply at the pain.

Mia looked inside, and had to visibly stop herself from gasping. “What, what?” Emma said, quietly trying to hold herself open. Honestly, the feeling of having someone who was most definitely not fully trained looking at her sex as she held it open…no wonder the world was so happy with exhibitionism. Geez, even now it was starting to get her soaking wet.

Mia didn’t answer, and Emma was about to push for an answer before she felt the rabbit’s tongue on her clit. Surprised, she moved her hands away from her pussy to hold herself up. Mia didn’t seem to care though, and continued licking her clit and pussy lips. Pleasure raced through Emma’s spine, and it was all she could do to stop a moan from escaping her lips. Mia didn’t say anything, and just merely lathered the wolfess’ nether lips with her spit as she licked away.

Then Emma felt Mia’s tongue dive into the inside of her pussy, and she couldn’t help but moan loudly. “Fuck that feels good,” she said quietly afterwards. Mia kept licking away, occasionally moving from her pussy to her clit, and each time Emma moaned.

Suddenly Emma caught the picture from somewhere. Leaning on a box, with her legs spread open and her sex being shown off to the world, with a white rabbit kneeling down licking her pussy. She clenched on nothing, and she winced as pain lanced through her, but just as it was with Kevin, it wasn’t a bad pain, but rather a sexual one.

And it enticed her. She wrapped her legs around Mia’s head, who didn’t seem to mind as the rabbit continued licking Emma’s clit, and held her tighter to her pussy. Emma moaned loudly as another stroke of pleasure raced up her spine due to Mia taking the entire clit in her mouth and sucking on it.

As far as Emma knew, she wasn’t gay or bi. But damn, Mia was good at eating her out. She had to focus on her breathing a lot, because if she didn’t she’d run out of breath as she clenched on the rabbit’s tongue again. Her pussy felt amazingly wet, and honestly if Kevin was here right now he’d be getting another womb-fuck.

Emma wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but it was enough time that she had almost came by the time that Mia came back up, moving her legs off her head. “Scoot back,” she said whispering. The wolfess shrugged, and did so as the rabbit jumped up. She moved Emma’s legs around, and moved one of hers to go through it.

Emma had to blink as she felt Mia’s pussy on her own. She was dripping, and it created a soft wet sound that turned Emma on like none other. Mia started moving, thrusting her hips against Emma’s, and the wolfess got the idea to match thrust for thrust.

Mia put each of her hands on each of Emma’s footpaws, and grabbed on tight for more power. Emma smiled as she felt Mia start to massage each one, even as their pussies ground together, essentially eliminating any actual thought. She stared at the rabbit for a moment, before reaching up and grabbing her small breasts, pulling her up and kissing her deep on the lips.

Emma’s mind was on fire right now. Mia’s lips were so soft, and so different from her own it was difficult to figure out how she had managed it, but she had. With the feelings of her pussy, and the rabbit’s lips on her own, Emma was in heaven. Finally she ran out of breath.

They pulled away, their breasts heaving as they continued to almost single-mindedly grind their pussies together, and quickly went back to kissing. Emma felt Mia tense up, moaning loudly into Emma’s lips and freeze up for a long moment. Emma didn’t move, just keeping her kissing up, as she knew that Mia was currently in the deep throes of her orgasm.

Mia pulled away lightly. “That was…we’ll have to do that again,” she said, breathing heavily. Emma smiled, her breasts heaving with each of her breaths. Her pussy was still on fire, and she hadn’t cum yet, but she also felt like she didn’t need to. Unlike most of the other times, this encounter seemed more…natural to her.

One of Emma’s ears perked up as she heard a loud moan. Specifically a loud pained moan, and with a quick look at Mia, who heard it too, she got up. “Definitely have to do that again,” Emma said. “Want to come with? I want to see who made that,” she said. Mia shook her head, and Emma tore off. Her ears perked up when she heard that Mia had followed her, obviously keeping her distance in case she needed help.

What she saw made her feel disgusted. Kevin was on the ground, sitting up and holding Lyla -and it was very obviously Lyla, based on the red fur, although how many other red foxes she had no idea- down on his thick cock. Anger pushed through her, not because he was fucking Lyla but rather how he was doing it.

She slapped the horse with one quick hand. “Not everyone can do what I can, jerkwad. Go slowly!” she yelled, before she moved behind Lyla. She saw Mia out of the corner of her eye give her a quick little wave before she dived away.

Oh yes…she’d have plenty to talk with Kevin about. God damn horse.