Tails of Alenkas: Episode 11

Lyla wandered throughout Alenkas, trying to recall all of her findings. She had them in a notepad back at Alex’s apartment, but knew that the real team would probably have their eye on her. That’s why she hid it at Alex’s. Despite the wolf’s friendly demeanor, he wasn’t someone that Lyla would generally have a lot of liking towards.

Lyla didn’t have a lot of liking towards anybody.

On the second day, when it became obvious that whatever was happening for the virus, if it was a virus, Lyla had an idea to try and find a pattern. Timing it, finding who it affected first, any pattern at all would give them a starting place. She didn’t know if it was due to negligence, just a new bug -she submitted it in her report anyways- or truly malicious intent.

If it was malicious intent, why induce lust of all properties? Why not pain? Or randomly wipe their clothes off, surely that would give them more humiliation than giving into their urges. If it was malicious, lust…just didn’t make sense. Why not make them give up all of their account names and numbers?

It was as if someone wanted to humiliate them, but then gave them the tools to not only live with it, but actually enjoy it. And then there was the small niggling voice in the back of her head, that showed up everytime she put clothes on, to just ‘leave them off’.

Today was the first day Lyla listened to that voice, solely as a test of course. She had to admit, it was rather freeing walking around naked. Her paws felt warm on the concrete, and the weather was near perfect, heating up her body nicely. Her tail swerved from side to side happily, and somewhere deep inside something of her was enjoying the exhibitionism.

She had seen a few others also naked. Most of the others, that she had met at least -although there weren’t many, Alex, George, Mia, Dave, Kevin, Emma- had also chosen to keep wearing clothes. She had to fight the blush on her cheeks if she thought about one of them seeing her as she was.

She passed a brown squirrel and orange tabby, both wearing similar clothes to each other. She gave them no notice, and tried to pretend that the squirrel trying not to look was rather cute. Hell, if she had to admit it, they were actually fairly hot.

She shook her head out, trying to keep herself focused. She had to think of another possible test…timing! What if it affected people differently? She turned around to try and find the other two, but they disappeared quickly behind a building. Scowling, she didn’t bother trying to go after them.

Oh well, she’d have to hit them up another time. After she figured out her own timing. She had so far gotten it down to three times a day, minimum, four times a day maximum. So far she was thinking about every six to eight hours, if it was a pattern. If it wasn’t…well, damn, there goes her main idea.

“Lyla?” she heard a voice ask. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, and ripped around to see Kevin. Kevin was a horse, a finely muscled man who had a major chip on his shoulder for a lead like her. Unfortunately, she only had a minor idea why he disliked her in particular.

“Yes, Kevin?” she asked. He stalked forward until she had to look up to see his glaring face. He was far taller than she was, nearly two or three feet taller. If it was the Kevin she was thinking of, she was taller than him in real life, but only by a few inches.

“Why are you wandering around naked? Don’t mind me though, I appreciate the view,” Kevin said, looking back and taking all of her in. Lyla crossed her arms, hiding her breasts from view. Her tail flicked back and forth, before she controlled it enough to hide her pussy from him.

“Test,” she said simply. Kevin ‘ahh’ed, and made to turn to hide his growing erection. It was fairly obvious though, and Lyla actually thought it must’ve hurt being stuffed in his pants as it was. “Look, I don’t know why you don’t like me. How about I help with that problem of yours and we let Alenkas do its’ thing?” she asked.

The horse stopped, and looked in amazement at Lyla’s suggestion. “And how, pray Lyla, would you help me?” he asked. He started to warm up a bit. Lyla thought he must’ve figured out that she had little idea who he was.

Anonymity, even in Alenkas, helps more than it hinders sometimes.

“There’s an alleyway over there. I could suck you off,” she said. Her inhibitions had been lowered by her time in Alenkas, and while she wouldn’t fuck Kevin without a lust spike she wouldn’t mind blowing him…as long as he was clean. Of course, most people in Alenkas were rather hygienic.

“Sure. It’s your fault anyways, walking around with a perfect ass like that,” Kevin said, smacking Lyla’s ass lightly. The fox growled a warning, but it didn’t seem to take as Kevin merely smirked at her, walking into the alleyway and dropping his pants without warning.

His cock was huge, compared to what she could take. Alex was a good size, and his knot felt amazing inside her, but Kevin was…something else. God, whoever could take that thing had to be a masochist. There was no way she’d ever be able to take it. He smirked, and motioned her forward.

If Lyla had to be honest with herself, there was nothing saying that she had to do it. She could just walk away now. She’d be known as a cocktease if it got around, but what did she care? Kevin was an ass, to her and to most people. Sure, her inhibitions were lowered due to the exhibitionism, and her pussy was wet, demanding attention.



She lowered her hand to her pussy, and idly stroked it. Sure enough, she was soaking down there, meaning that either the exhibitionism had turned her on enough to almost start dripping or she had been hit by another lust spike. Judging by the way that Kevin’s erection became even larger, she was tempted to think the latter. She looked at her watch, the only ‘clothing’ she had on, and made a note of the time, even as her feet dragged her forward.

“That’s a good girl…” Kevin said. Lyla shot him a glare.

“Shut up. Lust virus hit,” she said, although she kept moving, eventually getting to the point where she straddled him, his prick pointed towards her tight pussy. His flared tip nudged the vixen’s pussy lips, and she took a deep breath.

She lowered herself slowly, and breathed deeply as the horse cock split her in half. The tip barely went inside, and already Lyla had to stop and have Kevin hold her up. “Fuck…too big…” she said. Kevin smirked, and pushed her down a bit, just enough to have the flare jump inside. “Oh fuck!” she cried, her entire body losing power.

Her mind was focused solely on the giant cock in her twat, barely inside and yet she was sure that she had been torn in half. Kevin didn’t let her rest for long, an angry grin on his face as he pulled her down more, and Lyla lifted her head in pain.

A loud ‘smack’ came out of nowhere, and Lyla’s eyes opened to see Emma, one of the other people she actually knew the name of. She had been walking around with Kevin when Lyla had met her, and the wolfess didn’t take shit from anyone. Lyla noticed the small stream of clear liquid drip from Emma’s pussy, and the wolf was naked. She had obviously just gotten fucked, and well-fucked at that, based on the wolf’s disheveled hair and fur.

“Not everyone can do what I can, jerkwad. Go slowly!” Emma said, slapping Kevin’s face as she moved behind Lyla. Her hands massaged her breasts, and slowly Lyla relaxed. “Just relax, Lyla. He’s big, I know. Take it slow,” she re-assured the vixen.

Kevin said nothing, but watch the two girls as Emma rubbed one of her hands on Lyla’s clit. Slowly, she sunk another inch, and with each one Lyla tensed up again. ‘He was too big,’ Lyla thought. He wasn’t just splitting her, he was splitting her in half using her pussy as the start! She leaned back into Emma, who continued to work her hands into Lyla’s boobs and clit.

Finally, after nearly twenty minutes of aggravating silence, Kevin realized just how far Lyla had taken him. She was stopped, and it was obvious that she could go no further, and Kevin wasn’t going to attempt to do the same thing to her that he could do to Emma -fuck her womb- at least with Emma there.

Then she started to rise. And fall. And with each movement, Kevin had to hold on due to the sheer overwhelming tightness. At least, that’s what Lyla thought. Her mind though was mostly elsewhere, the massive pole in her pussy, stirring up her insides. Her first few movements were slow, but went faster and faster as her lust took over her mind.

With each downward spike, Lyla moaned and tensed back up, before she relaxed again to go back up. “You got it, there you go,” Emma said quietly. She had reached down and was stroking the rest of Kevin’s oversized cock. Lyla said nothing, her only sound the sound of Kevin’s cock moving in her pussy and the moans from her mouth.

Lyla wasn’t too sure how much time had passed. Minutes, hours, seconds…she didn’t know. All she knew was simply how good her pussy was feeling, and how much she wanted Kevin’s cum inside her. She knew Emma was down below, stroking the rest of Kevin that she couldn’t take. She felt him tense inside of her. “Cumming!” he yelled loudly.

“Oh fuck yes!” Lyla said, feeling each kick of his horsecock as he drove himself deeper, shooting almost an entire gallon of warm cum deep inside her. She went down another inch every time she went down, and continued to fuck herself on the giant cock as Kevin kept shooting more cum inside.

She kept fucking herself to the point that Emma finally had to hold her up as Kevin had gone soft while he was still inside her. His cock was covered by the giant amount of cum he had shot inside, and with every breath or motion some leaked out of Lyla’s pussy. Her legs kept up the same motion, despite having nothing there to fuck herself on. It took her a moment to realize it was gone.

“Alright, asshole, we need to have a talk,” Emma said, pointing at Kevin. The horse looked both relieved, probably from the sex, and extremely frightened. Lyla said nothing, but sat on the ground with her legs splayed, a happy look on her face. She didn’t cum, but Kevin certainly did. She idly moved one hand down to her pussy to start masturbating, and with every movement of her hand more cum dripped out. Her last sight of them was Kevin and Emma walking away, Emma’s tail swaying side by side as the wolfess yelled at the horse.

She sighed happily as she eventually came, her own juice and contractions pushing out more of the horsecum.