Tails of Alenkas: Episode 10

Simon sighed as he stared at the sunrise. He was starting to get used to the repetition, and even though each day was different it was routine that he was enjoying. The forced lust, on the other hand, not as much, and he couldn’t wait until the programming teams isolated the bug.

As he was head programmer, at least when he wasn’t part of the alpha test, his report held more weight than some of the others did. He made sure to put plenty of emphasis on the unwanted lust increases, and he hoped that many of the others did too. It was standard protocol, to have a report due just about every other day.

Of course, that was during the outside world. Here, it was about once every three weeks. He did the math in his head, just to make sure he was right. A little over once every three weeks…a little bit of change. Time dilation made it difficult to interact with the outside world sometimes, especially because there were no actual breaks.

Granted, this was the alpha test. They had done most of the actual bug testing already, and this was truly nothing more than a formality at this point. Feature freeze had taken place; no other features should have been added since the last time he looked at the engine code, although it was possible for him to have missed something.

It was unlikely. The main engine, the thing that drove the entire experiment, that combined everyone’s experiences in the world into electrical signals that then stimulated the brain, was his baby. Which was why he had tossed it out and started over more times than he could count, and he wasn’t the only one to consider it as such. Honestly, their engine, at least the underlying part that everything else was built on top of was as close to perfect as he could get.

It never needed to be turned off, for one. Patches would automatically be loaded in, and could apply to each instance differentially. In other words, if someone was doing something that was patched out, no one new could do it while the system waited for them to finish, at which point it would lock them out, basically seamlessly.

It could hold up to nearly a million instances all at once, on a single server array. With the arrays that NuVO had given, nearly a billion instances could be done at once. Each one was only a small data point, as the main thing that drove the instance was the person themselves back in the real world.

It could be changed from within, should they need to. Patches could be made, compiled, and delivered from within the system itself, changing itself in real time if need be. No other system that Simon knew could do that.

Of course, in order to create a patch for the system, Simon needed to get to the internal debugging module, or IDM for short. Unfortunately, the location team had ‘conveniently’ forgotten to tell him where it was, and he didn’t know if anyone currently in Alenkas was on the location team. Which meant then, that he would need to find it himself.

“Searching Alenkas…all of it…one building at a time…on foot,” Simon said as he stared at the sunrise some more. He had already cleared the apartment complex, mostly by having his friend Sam act as a distraction while he went in and casually checked each apartment.

He really did like Sam. But, he just wasn’t sure where he stood with her. She was a white cat, an albino, with amazingly bright red eyes and a long thick braid, and she lived right across from him. So far she had more actual Alenkas experience than he did, as most of his time had been spent searching for the IDM. Of course, she had told him that the lust inclination had been increasing for her.

It had for him too. He has never particularly enjoyed masturbation, but then he remembered the feeling of Sam’s mouth on his cock, even induced as it was…and suddenly he had his problem again. He looked down at the large tent in his pants. “Dammit, not the time…” he muttered.

He shook his head out, sending his brownish fur all over the place. He should, at the least, start to get going. He had plans to check a few of the shops, and maybe he could eliminate a few from his search. He walked by the mirror, and only stopped for a second to check to make sure his squirrel-ish fur was still in order. His tail was curled up, hanging lazily behind him.

He had just barely locked the door when someone ran into him. “Oh, sorry,” Simon said quietly. He looked to see the orange tabby cat standing in front of him.

“You should be! You shouldn’t get in my way!” the orange cat said gruffly. Simon rolled his eyes internally, before starting to walk away. The tabby followed him, matching him step for step. He had similar pants to Simon on, with a thick wool shirt. Why a cat would need a shirt like that, Simon had no idea.

They waited awkwardly by the elevator, waiting for the inevitable ‘ding’ that sounded when it had arrived. Simon wondered what the cat’s problem was, as he had never seen him before, and this was nearly his sixth day in Alenkas!

The two stepped into the elevator at the same time, and Simon waited with baited breath as the numbers went down far too slowly. The cat continued to stare at him. “I’m Cal. You?” he said abruptly, holding one of his paws out.

“Simon,” the squirrel said. He let Cal hang for a moment, before sighing and reluctantly shaking his hand. The cat nodded, and continued his scowl as he stared at the door.

Simon felt his pulse increase, and immediately he could tell what happened. He felt the tent in his pants, and with only a minor quick glance told him Cal was having the same problem. The cat was just as shocked as he was, and had looked around wildly for the cause. ‘You’d think by the sixth day, four or more times a day since the beginning, we’d be used to it by now…’ Simon thought.

Cal looked at him for a moment, as if appraising him. “I can see you’re having the same problem I am,” he said, motioning to their erections. “How about we-”

“No,” Simon said, cutting him off. He was of the opinion it’d be better to simply exit the elevator, and then take care of himself somewhere else. He could still feel the motion, as if he was continuing to go down, before it slowed down and stopped. The squirrel sighed, looking up at the number. 2.5. “Seriously!?” he called.

Cal couldn’t help himself but start laughing. Moments later, Simon chuckled too. “Look, sorry for the…sorry for earlier,” Cal said, changing his composure to almost a completely different person. “I’ll explain later, but…” he said.

Simon sat down on the ground, and ignored the whispering in his head to take off his clothes and leave them off. He undid the fly in his pants, and let his cock pop out to the world. Cal smiled at him sadly and did the same, his cat-cock appearing large in his hands. It even had the small little spines that most tomcats had.

He slowly gripped his cock, and ran his hand up and down slowly. Not trying to jack off, just measuring how horny he was. Cal was doing the same to his own, and with his eyes slowly following Simon’s hand. “If I say I’m sorry, can I blow you?” Cal asked. Simon blinked, before raising an eyebrow. “Look, I said I’ll explain, once we take care of this. Suffice to say, I’m sorry, but I’m really horny right now and your cock looks so good…” he continued.

Simon ran his hand over his prick, before nodding. Cal smiled brightly, lunging almost headfirst, pushing his head into Simon’s ab. Immediately Simon felt the cat tongue lap at his cock, and he realized Cal’s tongue wasn’t as dry as Sam’s was. He moaned softly as he felt the cat’s mouth take in his tip, glorious wet heat surrounding him.

Then Cal did something with his tongue, and Simon had to stop himself from pushing Cal’s head deeper. Sam was good, if his first experience with a blowjob was anything to go by, but Cal was…Cal was something else. Cal was sucking with experience, and every moment Simon had to stop himself from moaning loudly…or cumming straight down the cat’s throat.

Every so often the cat would stop, and look straight into Simon’s eyes, one of his hands slowly jerking Simon’s cock, and give him an unrestrained grin, before diving back down, oftentimes getting even more of it in his mouth. Each time, Simon had to stop himself from bucking.

“Just…let go…” Cal said after taking his mouth off for the third time. Simon was panting, his entire body centered on the feelings coming from his cock. “I really got you worked up didn’t I…just let go…lose control…” Cal continued, licking Simon’s shaft from base to tip and back down. Simon thought he heard a small ‘fap’ sound coming from Cal’s legs too.

Simon was so very close to losing control. He moaned, and felt Cal’s hands on his ball sack, slowly measuring and massaging them. Then Cal started to hum, and Simon lost it, thrusting his cock into the cat’s maw, shooting straight down into Cal’s mouth.

The cat continued humming, driving Simon even crazier, even as he was already cumming. Every few moments the squirrel felt Cal swallow, allowing more room for cum to fill up. Cal didn’t bother saying anything, merely staying on Simon’s dick until finally it dried up, and the cat let go. A small bead of cum dripped from the tip, and Cal obligingly licked it off.

“Damn, what have you been eating?” Cal asked with a grin, as he sat back down. His other hand was jerking himself off hard, with a small ‘fap’ sound every time. Simon breathed hard, and simply watched the cat as he continued to jack himself off.

Cal’s face mirrored the pleasure that was most likely flowing through his loins, and it was obvious that the blowjob had turned him on enough that he wasn’t going to last much longer. Simon stared at the cat’s cock, and before he could convince himself not to he nudged Cal’s hand away with his tongue.

It was lubed up plenty, and despite looking like it should hurt, the spikes were nothing more than small bumps without any sharp edges whatsoever. Cal’s breathing evened out quickly as he watched the squirrel take his cock into his mouth, licking every inch that he could.

The cat moaned though, which Simon took as a good sign. It had a fleshy taste, Simon noted, and slightly bitter due to all the precum that had been used as lube. It wasn’t bad…just different. And now that he could think again, he tried to convince himself that he was simply paying Cal back for the blowjob earlier.

“Sorry Simon, it feels good but I’m not going to cum from that,” Cal said, pushing the squirrel off. Simon leapt off, knowing that he tried his best. It wasn’t Cal’s fault that he wasn’t very good at it. The cat went back to jacking himself off, and Simon could tell the immediate difference. “It’s not your fault, it’s just…I’ve never been able to cum from oral. Even in the real world,” Cal said, screwing his eyes up at the last line.

He let out a loud moan, almost a yowl, as he started thrusting his hips and cumming into the air. Simon watched with bright eyes as the cat cock expanded for a moment, shooting the cum into the air, and onto Cal’s fur, onto the floor…even some on Simon himself.

The squirrel took a moment before licking it off, noting it’s surprisingly sweet taste.

Cal breathed deeply for a while before his eyes opened, a slight smile on his face. “Sorry about that, it’s hard for me to keep in character with all the horniness going around sometimes,” Cal said.

“Keep in character? You’re already a character? And we’re stuck in the elevator too.”

“This elevator sucks, it keeps breaking down at the same time every day. But no, I mean keeping in character. Uh…it’s hard to explain,” Cal said, rubbing the back of his head with one hand and looking sheepish.

“We have plenty of time. Why not try it?” Simon asked. He reached for his pants, ignoring the voice in his head that he was sure was something in Alenkas’ programming, and pulled them on. He wasn’t too sure exactly when he had stepped out of them, because he only pulled down his fly.

“Argh…fine. So…gah this is hard. In the real world, I didn’t like who I was. I had no backbone, everyone just stomped all over me, that kind of person. And I didn’t like that. Online I had a character I liked to play as, someone who was strong, who was able to stand up for themselves. And I wanted to be them, so badly. When I was invited to the Alenkas test, everything just kind of lined up perfectly…and I decided to try it. Try to be them,” Cal said quietly.

“Use Alenkas for a fresh start. See if you can get used to it for three years,” Simon persisted. Cal nodded. “I know what you mean but…there’s a difference between sticking up for yourself and being rude.”

“I know, and I realized shortly afterwards I should at least say sorry. It’s just…Cal is so different from me, you know?” Cal said. Simon stared, before putting the pieces together. Cal wasn’t the person’s name…it was the name of the character.

“Just try your best. You said though everything lined up perfectly…what did you mean?” Simon asked. He almost felt like he was in one of the many RPG’s that he played. He could almost imagine the dialogue wheel turning in his head.

“Oh…uh…Cal was a cat. An orange tabby, just like I am now. I uh…”

“You’re a furry,” Simon said. It was simply a statement of fact. Cal nodded. Simon nodded for a moment, before shrugging. “I think we’re all furries now. Like I said, don’t try to do something you’re uncomfortable with.”

“Really? You’re ok with that, despite knowing…?” Cal asked.

“Cal, before we got into this mess, I almost never masturbated. Now, I had to do it three or four times per day just to stay sane. You’re fine.”

Cal breathed what an obvious sigh of relief. Simon could imagine it, keeping a secret like that. It was obvious that Cal wanted to talk about it, but something either just never clicked for him or he never felt like he could. “Actually, that’s a good question. What’s causing all of that? I’ve felt it too.”

Simon shrugged, “No idea. I think something might be wrong with the Alenkas system in general, so I was going to try and find the internal debugging module. Unfortunately, the locations team didn’t tell me where it’d be.”

“Why would they needed have to? Wouldn’t the leads know? Perhaps we can just find a lead somewhere. I put it in the report I sent yesterday,” Cal said.

“I’m head programmer. If anything, I’m the one that should know. There’s something that just seems off about this entire test,” Simon said.

Cal nodded. “I know what you mean. Here, I’ll help you look. As an apology for my rudeness earlier. I’m Cal. Short for Calvin.” He held out his hand with a smile on his face.

“I’m Simon. Nice to meet you…Calvin,” Simon said, shaking hands. The elevator started moving again, and finally Simon felt that something was going right.

It’s ten episodes in and all but one of the characters have been met! Soon the actual plot will start!