Tails of Alenkas: Episode 1

Lyla sat bored as their meeting went on. It wasn’t even the entertaining kind of bored either, the one where where anything could be imagined because attention was no longer needed. Unfortunately for her, she did have to pay attention. This was her next project, or rather, a part of her next project.

Almost no one in the team of thirty was taking notes, if only because they had read the far more detailed project plan at least twice over. Lyla read it four times. Was it dry? Absolutely. Was it groundbreaking? Hell yes it was, and that’s why all of them had signed up for it first chance they got.

She was a software engineer for NuVO, a company that specialized in running diagnostics for other companies, but they were starting to branch out. Into Virtual Reality, actually. This was their first trial at such a thing, and they had handpicked thirty people to go into the system and test everything.

Lyla wasn’t worried. She knew all about the whole ‘person is excited for virtual reality only to be trapped in a death game’ thing. Fortunately, she knew ahead of time how long it was going to be. Within three months, she’d experience three years. Her body on the outside would be put into a specialized pod that would feed her all of the nutrients she would need, and keep her hydrated, while on the inside she would test for bugs, log them with the dev team, and essentially just live life.

The goal of the project was to try and reintegrate dangerous criminals back into society. It was thought that if they could have a ‘blank slate’, they could retry, learn some useful skills, and take those skills with them to real world outside. Granted, there were a lot of things that could go wrong, but if it went and did something different, as long as it was good for the world, who cared?

“Right, meeting’s almost over, so most of you that are looking only slightly bored, please fall asleep on the provided cots. The ones that are pretending to look interested, to the pod room,” the obviously-not-strapped-for-cash man said. Lyla rolled her eyes, it was about damn time.

The pod room was a simple circular room, with a giant tower in the middle and pods lining the walls and around the tower. Cords were taped down to prevent tripping, and the floor was a harsh grey steel. All thirty of the participants weren’t enamored with the ‘pod room’, something that the speechperson had obviously not been expecting. Apparently he had forgotten that they all had worked in this very room for months. It was definitely nice to see it fully completed though.

“Right. Females over there, males over there. You all know the drill; clothes off and step into the pods,” the man said. Lyla walked over to her preferred pod of choice, one that she had made up within the last few seconds. She stripped noiselessly, ignoring the small talk from the other girls. The men weren’t much better, similar to a locker room.

“You’ll all be brought in small groups of five. By the end of the hour you should all be in Alenkas. If there’s any trouble, there’s a small panic button next to your arm in the pods,” the spokesperson said with a tone of finality. Lyla slowly crept into the pod.

It was soft, but cold, almost like a bed that hadn’t been used in some time. She sighed as she felt the pod contour to her body. The casing closed over her, leaving her in the complete darkness. The screen came to life only a moment later, showing that the pod was calibrating itself to meet her needs. She felt small pinpricks in her wrists and ankles, and grimaced as a sharp pain shot itself into the back of her neck.

She tried to relax though, as words popped up on the screen. She was the in the third group, smack dab in the middle. The pain in her neck went away quickly, and she felt her muscles start to relax involuntarily. Liquid started to seep in, filling only halfway.

“I’m surprised elevator music isn’t playing,” came a voice out of a speaker near Lyla’s head. She groaned. Of course she’d have to be auto moved to a chat room to wait. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her co-workers, she just…didn’t like her co-workers.

Slowly more and more voices were added to the conversation, and Lyla felt herself growing more and more bored. Minutes went by slowly, and if it wasn’t for the clock in the corner of the screen she thought she’d been here for hours now. The liquid was slowly rising, and she gave an involuntary small gasp as it hit her backside, and a few moments later her legs. Her reactions were at least quiet, unlike half of the guys, and most of the other women.

Finally the screen went dark for a moment, and she felt her head sink back, and her eyes closed slowly. The liquid quickly rose, flowing over her body, as she felt her mind sink somewhere…else.

She came to in a hall of mirrors, her human body still nude. The ground was a glassy white, reflecting nothing, as was the ceiling. It was an odd experience for her. She went in front of the first mirror, and her body changed to that of a nude female anthropomorphic fox. ‘Ha,’ she smirked, ‘this is definitely going to be big with the furry crowd.’ The tail seemed to obey her whims easily, and she got a good look at herself.

Red fur, with only occasional bits of white on her belly, underneath her breasts, and around her wrists and ankles. She twisted around a little bit, taking a good look at her back. She definitely approved of this one, so she went out to check the next one.

This time an anthropomorphic cat. Grey fur with black stripes, is apparently what her genetics had decided this time. There was some complicated system in the backend that determined the fur color based on genetics; she hadn’t worked on that system. She had been a part of the touch-degree sensors, the parts that would let her interact with the world.

On and on she went, changing into different version of anthropomorphic animals. Usually mammals, but occasionally birds and reptiles found their way into the mix. ‘Darn,’ she thought, ‘no dragons. They must’ve not been able to put that into the system yet.’ Shrugging, she went back to her favorite one, the red fox.

Her new face chosen, she walked to the end of the hallway, and was encased in a bright white light, accelerating her forward quickly before she stopped suddenly.

Immediately her senses were overloaded. Smells, sounds, sights, touches, the world was simply too bountiful for her. She grabbed her hands over her ears and shut her eyes, focusing only on one sense at a time. Smell first. There were so many more smells than she was used to, and she had no idea how the engineers had managed that fact. She wasn’t able to discern them, but wasn’t too surprised. Of course she couldn’t tell what she was smelling, she hadn’t been able to smell it before!

Next came hearing, and gradually she loosened her hands – her fur was surprisingly soft- from her ears. This one wasn’t so bad. She learned quickly how to change the direction of her ears, and for a few minutes she entertained herself simply listening to the world.

Next, her sight. She opened her eyes, and looked with pride upon their accomplishments. A fully made and rendered city, with greys, lots of greens, various other dozens of colors splashed upon the world. The mountains off in the distance, the river next to the city, the ocean, the city in general. Alenkas.

She pulled herself upright -she was smaller than she was as a human, but that was normal. Foxes were smaller than humans. She was, maybe, three and a half feet tall? Taller than normal foxes, but definitely not her human height of 5’6″- and looked down upon herself. She had no claws, fortunately, but she had small pads on her feet and hands. She grinned to herself, and quickly went to exploring her new city…and her new life for the next thirty six months.

Alenkas wasn’t bustling. There were a few, and she hesitated to even think this, NPC’s lying around. Various fursona’s that her co-workers had managed to edit in. It was, after all, all in an attempt to start over. To give a fresh start. Although, Lyla thought, she could definitely get used to the whole not needing to wear clothes thing.

Of course, she could probably buy some here relatively soon if she felt like it. For the times she didn’t want to show off her body to the world. She felt her core start to wetten a bit, and she blushed at the feeling. Maybe she could wait just a while longer.

But other first things first, she’d need a place to stay. The project plan hadn’t mentioned anything about already giving her one, but that wasn’t unusual considering how much of this was a secret. Hell, she’d been surprised by some design choices.

“Hey!” a voice called out behind Lyla. She turned quickly, seeing what looked like a male grey wolf run towards her. As she was, he too was nude, and she quickly gave an appreciative glance towards his body before looking at his face…snout…area…face was good enough.

“You’re the first actual person I’ve seen all day. I’m Alex. You are?” Alex said, holding out his hands in a friendly manner. Lyla smiled lightly, grabbing the offered appendage and giving a firm shake.

“Lyla,” she answered briefly. She remembered Alex; fairly tall, stockly built. Smart engineer, but had a bad reading of other people. ‘Happens to a lot of people like them’, she thought. He wasn’t on her team, and she had no way of knowing which team he had been on.

“Lyla…wait, really? You chose a fox of all things? Everyone was betting you’d go komodo dragon,” Alex said, his blue eyes widening. Lyla’s eyes narrowed into a glare, and Alex took the opportunity to try and find some way to not bungle his first interaction in Alenkas, “Well, I mean…we, the character team, took bets on all thirty once we got the list.”

Lyla rolled her eyes. Of course he’d be on the character team, why wouldn’t he be? Although considering how many systems were in place here, she’d be more surprised to find someone that only worked on a single team.

“Yes, I like foxes. Besides, the dragons didn’t really appeal to me all that much. Was there any plan for what we do once we’re in here?” Lyla asked. Alex shook his head.

“Nah, not so much. We threw in as many NPC’s as we could make, but ideally the world was designed to be self-sustaining. With only thirty test subjects though, we needed a bit more.”

“I mean in terms of housing and such.”

Alex’s eyes widened again. “Oh! That’s what you meant! Yeah no problem, there’s an apartment building that they’re making a quick event for to show the way. Debug and all that,” he said, pointing towards a tall red building off in the distance.

“Thanks,” Lyla said, starting to walk away. She stopped a moment later and turned partially around. “Walk with me?” she asked.

Alex smiled brightly, “Sure!”, he said quickly, falling into lockstep with the newly-minted vixen. “So what made you decide to be a subject?” he asked.

“The first ones to test a brand new system, that we’ve been working on for the greater part of the last five years? Most people would be crazy to not sign onto that,” Lyla responded.

Alex laughed, “Yeah I know what you mean. I feel lucky that I was chosen. I’ve only been here for six months!” Lyla turned at him.

“What, really? How old are you?” she asked speechless. She’d been of the thought that only people who had been at NuVO for years had been chosen. Each one had been handpicked, and with over a thousand applicants, they had to have been combed over carefully.

“Me? I’m twenty four! You? How long have you been working at NuVO?”

Lyla shot him a glance, which quickly turned into a smirk. Her favorite animal was a fox for a reason. “Don’t you know you never ask a lady her age? But FYI, I’m thirty two. Been working at NuVO for six years now,” she said with pride. She probably shouldn’t be too proud, but as most of her friends from college had quickly gotten hitched or were bouncing around from job to job, she was glad she had made the decision to stay with a single company.

“Wow. I bet you know all the ins and outs of this project then. Any spoilers you can tell me?” Alex asked. The apartment building was in front of them, about a mile away with a large plain white flyer reading ‘free housing for subjects’ strapped on the top.

“Hmm,” she smirked mischievously again, “not really. I was in the physics and users teams, trying to get everything synced up. Although, there is one thing that I never tested…” she said. She grinned at Alex’s confused face. A new start? She couldn’t get much ‘new start’ than this.

In the real world, she was seen as the Ice Queen. Someone who wouldn’t give the time of day to a homeless man when asked and given twenty dollars. In reality, that was only because she wanted to focus on a single thing at any given time, and each time it was never in her hands of cards. Even the relationships she had focused on had dried up quickly. Perhaps it was time to focus on everything instead of just one…

She gave a quick glance over at Alex’s body. Steady muscles, nothing too scrawny. Wolf anatomy down there, so she couldn’t tell but he had a fairly nice pair. Although she had to wonder how much being in an animal changed their anatomy down there…only one way to find out. Well, besides explore herself at least.

“Are…are you coming onto me?” Alex asked nervously.

Lyla smiled predatorily, “Why not? It’s just a way of testing the system, after all.” Alex blinked, before shrugging. Lyla could almost tell what was going on in his head, ‘Why should I not say no? A vixen like her wanting it? Sign me up!’

“Get a place first?” Alex asked lightly. His cock was starting to show up from his sheath, a small red bulbous thing. Lyla licked her lips appreciatively. The character team had definitely done their homework.

The vixen nodded her head. Slowly she blinked…what had happened to her? She’s not normally this cock hungry. Although Alex’s meat was definitely looking appetizing… she shrugged, and would look back on it later. For now, she led the rest of the way to the apartment complex.

Pausing only to grab their keys (111 and 112) they quickly went up the stairs. “Something is…wrong…” She muttered. The heat in her pussy was pulsing with her heartbeat, and with every passing moment she felt itself get worse. It wanted to be pet, to be stroked…to be fucked. Alex nodded his head, his full cock on display, a full six inches easy. At first Lyla was surprised, but then she reconsidered. Of course the character team would do that, if they’re full of perverts enough to suddenly turn two people into sex crazed junkies. Although she wasn’t sure if that was the character team or someone on one of the others.

“Fuck it. Let’s fuck anyways, give them a damn show,” Lyla said, turning and kissing Alex full on the lips. He was surprised for only a moment before returning it, keeping his maw attached to hers. He ground his cock against her body, moaning lightly as she met his thrusts. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around his hips. She felt pressure on her ass and tail as Alex grabbed them, pulling her a little higher.

Forced she may have felt it been, but Lyla enjoyed every second of it. She kept her lips on Alex’s, and ground her pussy, now almost dripping wet, against his cock. He grinned, and on the staircase, not even in their rooms or anything, he started shuffling around.

After three times he thought he had it, Lyla reached down and grabbed his cock, moving it forcefully to her pussy, where it slid inside with a tantalizing ease. The vixen moaned loudly, mirrored by the wolf on top of her. She felt it go on seemingly forever, each inch spreading her insides far larger than she thought they could have. Finally he stopped.

She was stuffed full, far larger than anything she had ever had inside her before. She stopped kissing for a moment to look down. ‘Holy crow,’ she thought, seeing that only a few inches were inside her. Slowly Alex started moving, his dick seesawing inside and out. He didn’t barge or go fast, instead he let her dictate his pace as he continued to stuff her full. With each thrust, he pushed more of himself inside her, eager to get balls deep.

“Fuck…” Lyla moaned. She was right, the system was definitely designed for this too! Pleasure skyrocketed into her head as she felt the seemingly-endless cock thrust inside her, moving in and out slowly. She felt Alex move them back to a wall, letting her ass rest on one of the stair rails, with her back to a wall.

Alex kept moving, slowly thrusting in and out, letting her moist and almost dripping wet pussy lubricate every inch of him. He moved his hands away from her tail and ass, and started to paw her breasts, massaging them and cupping them gently. “Fuck you’re tight…” he whispered into her ear.

Lyla breathed heavily, thrusting her own body back towards Alex’s to keep with his rhythm. His hands on her breasts, small though they were, felt amazing, let alone the cock in her pussy. Her entire body was on pleasure overload, as if someone had turned a switch.

“Fuck me, faster,” Lyla said, pulling herself deeper onto the dick plunging into her core. She could feel the end now, the balls slapping against her ass, the hips it was attached too just outside her lips. She felt she couldn’t take anymore, but she wanted it all. She gripped her arms around the grey wolf, and continued to thrust her body back.

Alex was still taking a slow path, almost lovingly fucking her. “Are you sure?” he asked gently. She moved her hands away from his back and towards the hands still on her breasts, making them massage her harder in a way Alex was only mostly sure would bruise later. Taking that as what she wanted, he moved his hands back to her ass and tail, and gripped them securely.

Lyla moaned loudly as he began to increase his pace, and that final last inch was pushed inside her. She was so wet now, she could hear the ‘schlick-schlick’ sound of flesh and water meeting flesh and water. Her body was on fire, and while she knew something was wrong she no longer cared about it in the slightest.

Every minute or so Alex would increase his pace, making Lyla moan and shiver out of control. She felt only one thing now, and that was the hot iron rod that was truly making a vixen out of her. “Fuck…gonna cum soon,” Alex whispered a few minutes later. She grabbed him tighter, pulling his chest to her own and wrapped her legs around his hips harder, pulling him even deeper. Her meaning was clear, even if she didn’t voice it.

Lyla’s eyes widened as she felt the base of Alex’s cock start to swell up. Her mind swam in pleasure, constantly eroding her train of thought to only be on the dick giving her the best fuck she had ever had. The character team included almost all natural elements, except giving them a more human feeling. Sure, she was digitigrade now, and that was a major difference, but when it came to the genitals Alex had a sheath, but her own pussy was human-esque.

“Fuck, knot me!” Lyla cried out, forcing her body to work harder, getting the piece of flesh that was getting bigger deeper into her. Alex had stopped being gentle a few minutes ago, and focused only on giving her the best sex she could ever ask for.

She felt the knot slip inside her pussy lips, and once it was inside it swelled up magnificently. Honestly, she felt it should have hurt, but she was so wet that it really hadn’t. Alex stilled though, and breathed heavily. Lyla matched him breath for breath.

“That felt amazing…” she said simply, falling limply onto him. She felt each pulse of his cock inside her, knowing that he was filling her with his cum. She couldn’t feel it, per se, something that she thought she would’ve, but just the feeling of him shooting inside her was extremely hot on its own.

A minute or two later, Alex regained his breath. “You…didn’t cum, did you?” he asked. Lyla shook her head, even with a smile on her face. “Aw shit, I’m sorry I should’ve lasted longer-” he started, only to be interrupted by Lyla putting one of her fingers on his lips.

“How much have you had sex before? Because if you can get the girl to cum every time, you’d be a miracle worker. It felt good, don’t get me wrong. God it felt good. It felt incredible! But…some girls just don’t always orgasm from a dick,” Lyla advised, her smile taking any heat away from her statements. He relaxed, and Lyla felt his cock shoot a few times inside her. Honestly, she felt extremely full already, how much was he going to shoot inside her?

“So…” Alex started, somewhat sheepishly, “should we get into one of the apartments?” Lyla rolled her eyes, but smiled anyways. She attempted to push herself off, only to moan loudly, both in pleasure and in pain, at the feeling of simply being stuck. “Um…I guess we’re stuck,” Alex said the plainly obvious.

“Yep. Oh well. I guess we’re going to yours, if you think you can carry me that far. But we have to talk about what happened here…I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t open my legs for the first person I meet on the street,” Lyla said. Alex smiled, and picked her up easily. Her legs and arms wrapped around his body to make it easier for him. She moaned softly at the feeling of his cock moving still inside her.

“I don’t either. Not sure what really came over me. But I think we’ll have plenty of time to discuss it,” Alex said. He pushed the door to the stairwell open gently, and guided both him and Lyla through quickly. Time for a new start…for the both of them.


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